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Stocker Painting & Decorating
Phone: 0488 222 281
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Unit 2/18-20 Floriston Road
Boronia VIC
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Industrial and Commercial sites bring a host of other considerations to the front. Stocker Painting & Decorating has experience in a variety of areas, from large manufacturing plants, to retail premises and local Council preschools.

Occupational Health and Safety requirements are stringently followed on all of Stocker Painting & Decorating’s sites, so we're looking after your people as well as our own. Our OHS manual is constantly updated and training is held monthly, to minimise the risk of incidents.

We even retain a qualified OHS consultant to provide additional support in assessing situations that may be out of the ordinary.

Stocker Painting & Decorating have Material Safety Data Sheets and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) available on every job.

Our flexibility is even more important where there might be a tight window to get the work done, while machinery is shut down or the work needs to be done outside opening hours. We put the right number of people there for the scale of the work, and we can work the hours that suit you.

Stocker Painting & Decorating is a preferred supplier for Knox City Council, Casey City Council, and many others.