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Stocker Painting & Decorating
Phone: 0488 222 281
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Unit 2/18-20 Floriston Road
Boronia VIC
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A few Frequently Asked Questions ...

When can you come out for a quote?

* Rob can usually come out to site within a couple of days of your call. His hours are flexible to fit in with your schedule, from 7.30 am to 6 pm.

* If you're building or renovating, all you need to do is email or send a copy of your plans. Just ensure they include elevations, a window & door schedule, and a note of any areas that aren't to be painted or that have any special requirements.

What do I need to do before Rob comes out?

* Think about exactly what you want painted.

* Decide how many colours you want to use. Also think about whether you would like a feature wall, or a special-effect paint.

* Work out whether you want to do the whole job at once, or whether you need to do it in stages.

* Look at your timetable. Is there a specific time period to do the work or a deadline when you need the job finished?

When do I get the quote?

* Generally you will receive the quote within 5 business days of Rob's inspection.

What happens next?

* If you have any questions, the easiest way is to email Rob at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or you can contact him on 0488 222 281.

* If you decide to accept the quotation, send back the form included or let us know by email, so your job can be entered onto the painting schedule. The sooner you can do that, the more likely you are to get the time you prefer.

* If you're not ready to go ahead yet, don't worry, we keep all quotes on file, so just let us know when you're ready. Keep in mind our quotes are only valid for 90 days from the issue date; after that the price may need to be adjusted to allow for cost increases.

The quote says Satin Enamel for the woodwork, but I'd like a High Gloss. Can I change it?

* Of course, you can make changes up until the time the job begins. The best way is to drop Rob an email, so he can make sure any changes are made to the files in the office. Once the job begins, and the materials have been purchased, there may be additional charges if you change your mind.

I need a couple of things fixed before the painters start, but I can't get a tradesman.

* Stocker Painting's team can perform minor repairs such as cracks or holes in plastering, and we have contacts in other trades. Have a chat with Rob to see if we can help you.

How long will it be before the painters can start?

* A lot depends on the type of job, the time of year, and how many jobs are already booked. Stocker Painting will make every effort to fit in with your needs, but sometimes other jobs take a bit longer than expected, or finish earlier. In any case, one of our people will be in touch a few days beforehand to let you know exactly when the guys will be there.

* Don't forget to factor in the weather. If you need outside painting done, winter isn't a good time - there may be delays or problems with the paint drying properly.

* By about September, people are starting to think about Christmas, and the painting they need done before guests or family arrive, so the next few months are usually heavily booked. If you can, think about having your painting done in the first half of the year.

What do I need to do before they get here?

* You need to have decided what colours you want. If you're not sure, Stocker Painting can arrange a colour consultation for you.

* Where possible, the areas to be painted should be cleared. Inside, that means packing away all small items such as knick-knacks or books, and either removing furniture or placing it in the centre of the room, so there is a clear area around the walls. In the bedroom, bed linen and all clothes should be taken out, even from inside cupboards. Outside, you should tie or prune back plants, and remove items such as barbeques that may be in the way.

What if I change my mind about the colour once I see it on the walls?

*Unfortunately, once the paint is ordered, changing your mind may mean paying for additional paint, depending on the difference in the colours. There may also be additional labour costs if the work has already started.

What if I want something painted that wasn't in the original quote?

* You don't need to wait for a whole new quote, just talk to Rob, so he can give you an idea of the price before the painters start the work. Any additions will be put on to your final payment as 'extras'.

Can the painters work with other tradesmen on site?

* We know it's hard to keep everything running to schedule, and there will be some unavoidable delays, so we're used to working with other tradespeople. However, for the best result, it's better for the painters to be able to do their job after everyone else is finished. This avoids dust and debris settling on wet paintwork or damage to finished surfaces, and saves you extra costs for touching up. Just let Rob know if it looks like there will be a holdup, so he can reschedule.

* Remember that the painting is the part you will be looking at for a long time!